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Online Brochure & Folded Leaflet Printing In High Quality

Brochures or Catalogues

Brochures or Catalogues are ideal for giving your customers quick access to your company's inventory of products.

High-quality, full-colour offset brochure printing available on multiple paper stocks and in various sizes. Brochures are stitch bound, and can hold 8-96 pages. Start developing and printing your brochures below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which paper stock/finish shall I choose for my brochure/catalogue?

Select one of our Glossy stocks for a beautiful shine, the 100 g Natural Premium Offset for a textured look, or our Matt stock for a more subdued and vintage look.

2. What is stitched binding?

Stitched binding is a process in which the signatures (or the sheets with several pages printed on them) are stapled through the spine. Loose sheets of paper are first folded and inserted within each other, and the fold becomes the spine of the product where it will be bound. The product is then stapled through the spine, holding the sheets of paper in place.

3. Can I select a different cover stock for my brochure/catalogue?

The cover stock will be the same paper stock as the inside pages.

4. How do I correctly set up my pages?

We have a file setup tab on the order page to help you correctly set up your brochures, or contact our customer service team for any assistance.

5. What is the minimum quantity of brochures/catalogues that I can order?

The minimum available quantity is 500 brochures.

6. What are the available paper stocks for brochures/catalogues?

We offer the following paper stocks:

  • 100 g Natural Premium Offset
  • 135 g Glossy 2 Sides
  • 135 g Matt 2 Sides + Matt Finish
  • 150 g Glossy 2 Sides + Gloss Finish

We advise that you request a free sample kit on our website prior to placing an order.

7. What is bleed?

Bleed is the portion of the product that will be trimmed off when it is cut to final size. Since we print your product on an oversized sheet that gets trimmed down, we require that the images extend beyond the trim zone/line.We require 3mm bleed on each side, or 6mm overall.
For example, if the final size is 105mm x 220mm then the dimensions with bleed should be 111mm x 226mm.

8. Do you have templates that I can use for my brochure/catalogue?

You can find downloadable templates right on our website. Templates are available in PDF, AI, and PSD formats.

9. What is the turnaround time for a brochure/catalogue?

The number of working days after approval and processed payment is 3 days for production and 3-4 days for delivery. Any issues with submitted files and/or payment may delay your order, so ensure your files are print-ready to avoid any delays.

10. Will I receive a proof of my brochure/catalogue?

Each brochure/catalogue order includes a manually processed proof. This means that we will check your files and ensure they have the correct file specifications. If we find any problems with your files, we'll contact you, otherwise you'll receive an email link to view your proof within 24 hours (1 working day).