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Calendar Printing With GotPrint: It´s Cheap & Very Easy


Calendars can be customised with beautiful pictures to be sent to customers as promotional items. A great way to reinforce your company's message all year long.

If you're looking to print calendars, think GotPrint!

High-quality, full-colour offset printing available on multiple paper stocks and in various sizes. Calendars are stitch bound, and can hold 12-32 pages. Hole drilling is also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is stitched binding?

Stitched binding is a process in which the signatures (or the sheets with several pages printed on them) are stapled through the spine. Loose sheets of paper are first folded and inserted within each other, and the fold becomes the spine of the product where it will be bound. The product is then stapled through the spine, holding the sheets of paper in place.

2. Can I select a different cover stock from the inside pages for my calendar?

The cover stock will be the same paper stock as the inside pages.

3. What is the minimum quantity that I can order?

The minimum quantity for an order is 500.

4. How many pages should my calendar be?

Your calendar can be a minimum of 12 pages and up to 32 pages.

5. Will I have extra pages if I order a 12-page calendar?

The number of pages of your calendar refers to the total number of pages of the final product, including the cover. The cover consists of four single-sided pages (front, inside front, back, inside back).

6. Is hole-drilling possible on my calendar?

Hole drilling is optional for hanging calendars on the wall.

7. How can I customise my calendar?

Calendars can be customised with personal pictures/memories or corporate events to be used as gifts or promotional giveaways for your customers.

8. How do I correctly set up my pages?

We have a file setup tab on the order page to help you correctly set up your calenders, or contact our customer service team for any assistance.

9. What are the available paper stocks?

  • 100 g Natural Premium Offset
  • 135 g Glossy 2 Sides
  • 135 g Matt 2 Sides + Matt Finish
  • 150 g Glossy 2 Sides + Gloss Finish

10. What is the turnaround time for calendars?

The number of working days after approval and processed payment is 3 days for production and 3-4 days for delivery. Any issues with submitted files and/or payment may delay your order, ensure your files are print-ready to avoid any delays.