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Print Envelopes With Your Own Logo - Revitalise Your Brand


Envelopes are a crucial component of your corporate identity and can be used for direct mail and correspondence.

High-quality, full-colour offset envelope printing available on 100 g Natural Premium Offset and in various sizes. Full-bleed printing available on the outside for full-colour panels and flaps. Our self-adhesive envelopes are Laser and InkJet compatible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the flap self-adhesive on the envelope?

Yes, it's fast and easy. Simply remove the cover strip and close the envelope flap.

2. Where is the position of the window on the envelope?

Each envelope has 3 window options: On the right, on the left, or no window. A graphical display of each is available on the envelope home page.

3. Do you have ready-made envelope templates?

We offer templates for each envelope, including window position. Simply click on Templates on the top navigation bar, select the correct template and download the file in AI, PSD, or PDF. Remember to follow the guidelines for correct file positioning: Blue line is the safe zone where you must place all crucial elements like text and logos. The red zone is where the envelope will be cut to final size, and the black zone is the bleed, where the background should be extended to. Be sure to remove the template layer from your file prior to uploading it.

4. Do you have existing backgrounds I can use for my envelopes?

There are several predesigned templates or backgrounds available in our Advanced Designer online tool. Simply select your design of choice and enter your information where indicated. You'll have the opportunity to review your design prior to placing your order.

5. Can I see a sample of an envelope?

By ordering a free sample kit from our website, you'll receive sample C5 and C6 envelopes. The kit also includes some of our most popular products such as business cards, flyers, postcards, greeting cards, bookmarks and much more.

6. What are the different sizes of envelopes I can order?

The available envelopes sizes are C6 (162mm x 114mm), DL (220mm x 110mm), C5 (229mm x 162mm), and C4 (229mm x 324mm).

7. How can I order more than 2500 envelopes?

Ordering more than 2500 envelopes is easy. Simply place as many sets as needed in your shopping cart in order to reach the desired quantity. If you need 10000 envelopes, for example, simply order 4 x 2500. Each set can have its own quantity depending on what's desired. And don't forget to order some letterheads while you're at it!

8. What is the turnaround time for envelopes?

The turnaround time for envelopes is 6 working days for printing and assembling, and another 2-4 working days for shipping. Please visit our turnaround time table on our site for more details. When placing your order, our site will automatically display the estimated printing and shipping dates. Any issues with submitted files and/or payment may delay your order, so be sure to submit print-ready files.

9. What does bleed mean on my envelopes?

Bleed is the extra margin on a print product like envelopes that will be trimmed off when the product is cut to final size. Bleed basically means that the colour and graphics on an envelope or other product "bleed off the page" to ensure continuity of the colour to the edge of the product. You can find more information about that important topic on our Preparing Files page.

10. Which paper stock is available for envelopes?

The paper stock for envelopes is 100 g Natural Premium Offset, which is thicker and heavier than standard printer paper stock. This durable paper is still lightweight enough not to add unnecessary weight to your mailing costs. When it comes to mailing, the heavier the piece, the more it costs to mail, so why spend more than necessary?