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Premium Quality Postcard Printing Online With GotPrint


Postcards are one of the most cost-effective and popular marketing tools. Use them as direct-mail advertisements and impress your customers.

High-quality, full-colour offset postcard printing available on multiple paper stocks and in various sizes. Round corners and several coating options are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the back of the postcard pre-printed?

When submitting a postcard, the front and back of the postcard can be designed however you choose as they are both blank. You will need to format the back of the postcard yourself. If you prefer to have a mailing template on the back, this will need to be either uploaded or designed.

2. What is bleed/borders?

Bleed is the portion of the product that will be trimmed off when it is cut to the final size. Since we print your product on an oversized sheet that gets trimmed down, we require that the images extend beyond the trim zone/line. That extra margin is what we refer to as the bleed, and is used to guarantee that you don't have white edges on your product when it is trimmed to size.

Visit our Download Templates and design your files on these templates to ensure you submit the correct bleed. Not having correct bleed may cause visible borders around your artwork, which isn't recommended. Please visit our Preparing Files page for more information.

3. Why am I receiving low-resolution and pixelation emails?

A low-resolution image contains a lower number of dots, pixels, or lines per inch. The print quality of a low-resolution image is less than that of a high-resolution image, as it lacks sharpness and fine detail. Thus, the higher the dots per inch/pixels per inch, the greater the resolution and the clearer the final print will be.Your original file needs to be created at a resolution of 350 dpi. Images taken from the Internet have a low resolution of 72 dpi and will be pixelated. If purchasing an image from a source, please make sure that you choose a high-resolution image of 350 dpi.

4. Shall I choose Manually Processed Proof or Instant Online Proof?

When you upload your files to our website, you will receive a proof of your design. This proof is basically a preview of how your artwork will print. There are two types of proofs available: Instant Online Proof, and Manual Proof (not all products have both proof types available however). 

For the Instant Online Proof, you will need to check your files to ensure that they are print-ready. You will receive an instant preview of your design, and if you approve the preview, your order will print as you see it.

For the Manual Proof, you will upload your files and we will check your files to ensure that they are print-ready. If we find any problems with your files, we will notify you so that you can reupload them; if we do not find any problems with your files, we will send you a link to preview your design for final approval.

For Manual Proofs, please allow up to 24 hours (1 working day) for all products. Please allow up to 48 hours (2 working days) for folded leaflets, and 24-72 hours for multi-page products such as brochures, calendars, and folders.

5. Can I order quantities that are not available on the website?

You can only order quantities that are listed on our website. In order to reach larger quantities, simply add more sets to your order.

6. What is a reupload, and where I can reupload my file?

We send you a reupload link when we find a problem with your submitted files. We ask you to fix your files and reupload them so that we can process your proof accordingly. The email we send contains a reupload link, which will automatically update your order with your new files.

7. What colours should I avoid when designing?

Although we cannot guarantee 100% colour matching, we recommend limited usage of blues and reds, simply because they are the hardest colours to match. We also recommend limited usage of dark and heavy colours on uncoated stock (or on 100 g stock), because the paper may soak in the colour and offset.

We do however guarantee up to 85% colour match to industry standard, due to the type of printing we offer. Thus, there may be up to a 15% colour shift on your final printed product. We do not print PANTONE® colours; we require CMYK files.

8. How long do I have to wait to receive my postcards?

Print time is the time it takes to print your order. The specific time for your product can be found on our website on the Turnaround Time page.

Shipping time is in addition to the print time. Shipping time is the length of time it takes for the shipping carrier to deliver your package once it has been printed. Shipping time varies depending on the destination.

9. Which paper stocks would you recommend ?

The best paperstock depends on your use for postcards. You could select our triple-layered paper, Trifecta, for an impressive thickness available with Green, Red, or Black middle layer on a 460 g or 700 gsm "Smart White" paper. This paper stock is designed to provide depth and a unique appearance. It's simply the perfect tool for when you want to be unforgettable.

A paper stock with a UV gloss finish on the front file surface would be an excellent way to grab your customers attention , however, we do not recommend selecting UV Gloss for the back of your postcards because we can not guarantee writing on any paper stock that has UV High Gloss Coating on the surface. Generally, you may write on stocks that have a Matt Finish or Gloss Finish applied to the surface, though we do not guarantee it.

We recommend that you request a free sample and test writing on these stocks before you place an order. Also, please free to contact us for any question you may have.Our customer service team can help you determine the best paper for your postcards.

10. When does my credit card get charged?

Your billing status states "Unpaid" because we do not charge your card until the order has been approved to print. We will charge your credit card once the proof has been approved. The status will then change from "Unpaid" to "Paid".